The not so small print


Thank you for your interest and nomination to the Surrey Rugby Volunteer Recognition Program (VRP). 

All awarding committee decisions are final. 

The awarding committee shall comprise of Surrey Rugby Management Committee and local RFU Staff. 

To be eligible for nomination a person must be:
- a member of a rugby club that is affiliated to Surrey Rugby or;
- be volunteering at a rugby club in Surrey
- be volunteering on a rugby project within the geographic area of responsibility of Surrey Rugby

In addition:
- a nominee must be acting as a volunteer and not as part of a paid role
- where a person is engaged by a club on a paid basis, their activity must not fall within the scope of that role and must be deemed 'above and beyond' their responsibilities

The awarding committee has full discretion to deem a nomination not valid. Where required they may seek extra relevant information from required parties. 

Nominations deadlines for the 2018/19 season are at 23:59 on:
- 5th September
- 5th December
- 5th March
- 5th June

Where the awarding committee deems no nomination appropriate for a Mitsubishi 'Money can't buy' experience, no such prize shall be awarded. 

A non-successful nomination in a previous application window may be considered in future award windows at the discretion of the awarding committee. 

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