Who can be nominated?

Anyone who is currently working for your Surrey club in a voluntary capacity. They can be doing any role and do not have to have been there for any minimum length of time.

Can I nominate more than one person from our club?

Yes. You can nominate as many people as you feel warrant it. Each nomination must be on a separate form.

Is there a minimum age to be nominated?

No. But anyone under 18 will need their parent's or guardian's contact details to enter them.

Can I nominate myself?

No. Please nominate a volunteer who you feel deserves to be recognised.

Can a previous winner be nominated again?


When is the deadline for nominations?

There are four nomination periods throughout the year. The deadlines for the 2018/19 season are at 23:59 on:
5th September 2018, 5th December 2018, 5th March 2019 and 5th June 2019.

The deadlines for each one will be communicated to clubs via emails. The closing date is usually two weeks before the winners are announced.

I'm not on our club email. How can I get to hear about the nomination deadlines and awards?

Sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page and you'll receive everything the clubs get about the nominations, closing dates and the winners.

Who decides who wins?

There is a dedicated nominations committee made up of members of Surrey Rugby who will review every entry and decide on the overall winners.

Will nominations be verified?

Yes. We will contact the member club to verify the nomination.

When will we know who's been successful?

We will notify the successful volunteers via their clubs. We will then announce each quarter's winners with an email and posts across our social media channels. 

How many awards are there?

There will be multiple winners every quarter including an opportunity for a 'money can't buy' opportunity.

We are looking for nominations under the following categories:
- Making rugby happen
- Teamwork
- Respect
- Enjoyment
- Discipline
- Sportsmanship

What are the prizes?

We've teamed up with the England Rugby and Mitsubishi Motors volunteer programme so there's a whole range of prizes available, from new kit and exclusive days out to the things that money just can't buy. Check out the range of gifts and opportunities here.


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